Related Links

Are You Prepared? – a fun, interactive way to become educated on different types of emergencies (contagious disease, terror, evacuation, no power, tsunami, etc).

All-In-One Preparedness – this site offers many products to assist you in your preparation for a future emergency.  It includes 30 gallon water storage barrels, emergency 50 hour candles, and more.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention – this reliable, government run website gives information on how to prepare for and respond to an emergency.

Emergency Essentials – want to order food storage online?  This website sells numerous food storage products ready at the click of your mouse (and consent of your wallet)

Food Storage Made Easy – these two prepared moms teach how to gather a three month supply of food storage in an easy fashion.

Ready America – this site offers simple, step by step plans of how to prepare yourself and your loved ones for future emergencies.

Red Cross – this site explains how to get prepared and trained, how to become involved, and how to donate to causes in need.

Ready Solutions – this site sells all sorts of emergency prep supplies, including 72 hour kits, first aid kits, flu kits…you name it.

Survival Mom – whether you truly want to take this Arizona mom’s tips to heart to prepare yourself for an emergency, or you just want an entertaining read, this is the one for you.

US Department of Homeland Security – this department’s mission is to provide a coordinated, comprehensive federal response and mount a swift and effective recovery effort, and they assume primary responsibility for ensuring that emergency response professionals are prepared for any situation.

US Department of Labor, Occupational Health & Safety Administration – this department’s mission is to help set and implement national safety and health standards for emergency responders.


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