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Preparedness Tip for the Day

  • Under your bed store an old pair of tennis shoes in case of some sort of natural disaster.  This way they will be readily available.  In one of the shoes place a flashlight, in the other shoe place a whistle.  The flashlight is for obvious reasons, and the whistle is so that in case you are trapped or need help, you can blow your whistle so that someone can hopefully hear you.

  • Some people suggest placing these items in a bag and securing them to your bed somehow–this way these items will almost always be readily available in case of an emergency.  This Survival Mom also has many helpful suggestions on how to prepare for an earthquake.


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Candles = Old School

I grew up in Texas, so I’ve experienced my fair share of power outages due to tornadoes.  I always thought power outages were sort of exciting, although scary.  Naturally, my parents would bring out candles and light them throughout our house.  Somehow they were always able to find them in the dark though–they got kind of lucky.  What if there was an earthquake, followed by and immediate power outage, and you weren’t able to find your candles and matches?  Luckily, technology has improved greatly and there are many new resources out there.

A little while ago my dad discovered some flashlights called Energizer Weather Ready Rechargeable LED Flashlights.  These rechargeable flashlights are made to stay plugged into electric wall outlets (in each room, preferably) and in the event of a power outage, the flashlight will immediately come on (if you have it on the right setting).  This way you won’t have to search for your candles/matches/lighters/flashlights/batteries that never seem to be in the right place, etc, in the complete dark.  You should all go out and purchase one today!

In addition to the above hyperlink, these flashlights can also be purchased at Amazon and Walmart.

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