I didn’t feel that earthquake…?

While researching for this blog, I came across this website.  By going to this website you can click on the different dots on the map and see where the most recent earthquakes (in the past 7 days) have been.  There have been many earthquakes of small magnitude that have occured in Utah lately that no one has really/luckily felt!  I had no idea.  Thankfully they haven’t really been big earthquakes.

This was somewhat of a wake-up call to me because it made me realize that we shouldn’t just be anticipating one huge earthquake in the near future…we may experience anything from a minor to moderate earthquake before we ever experience a big one.  Check it out!

(Here is an even more in-depth look at the most recent earthquakes.)



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11 responses to “I didn’t feel that earthquake…?

  1. Cool website! I didn’t know there were so many small earthquakes…look at Alaska! I’m from there, and I never felt earthquakes that frequently.

  2. I, too, did not know there were so many earthquakes going on that we haven’t felt. It’s strange to know that the earth is moving underneath us and we can’t feel it. Great find.

  3. You know what is crazy is the amount of earthquakes that have been going on in Chile. Everyone knows about the big one that happened about a month ago, but since that time there have been countless other earthquakes, and big ones too. I have triplet brothers serving their missions in 3 different areas in Chile and they write saying earthquakes don’t even phase them anymore.

  4. It is interesting that there are little earthquakes that occur everywhere. Even though we don’t feel like we are at risk, we never know when a big one will occur. It is important to always be prepared!

  5. Very interesting! Cool website and very interesting information!

  6. vancer27

    Having grown up in California, I know all about micro-earthquakes! But it all comes down to being prepared when the big one comes and to not think that it won’t happen to you.

  7. cool site. I had no idea there were so many in Alaska. Maybe this is a way they can follow patterns and predict when the big ones are going to hit? And I wonder how big they have to be in order to actually feel them?

  8. That is so cool! I had no idea that there were earthquakes in utah that often. I guess I’ll pay attention a little more.

  9. heidistarr

    I remember when I took the Geology class that BYU offers a few years ago and learned that we have earthquakes pretty often. I was very surprised because we don’t feel them. Scary thought!

  10. That is way crazy I never realized that we are experiancing mini earthquakes all the time. I remember there was a minor earthquake in Georgia one time and I never woke up, it is odd to think that happens all the time.

  11. Cool website! I actually would have thought that more mini quakes would have been happening.

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