Scavenger Hunt!

Oops, not that kind of hunt…don’t you miss childhood sometimes? 🙂  I do.

This is an activity my family did for FHE one time.  We were put in pairs and had to answer each of these questions with our partner by running all around the house.  This post will mostly pertain to those of you who may be going home for the summer or have a family of your own.  Perhaps you can share this idea with your parents/family so that they can think about the different parts of these questions and see if they too are prepared.  If you live in an apartment with roommates, maybe you can practice evacuating your apartment and establishing a meeting place outside.  🙂  Or perhaps more of these questions than you think can somewhat apply to your living condition and you can review them.

Emergency Preparedness Scavenger Hunt

  1. Where are the 72 hour kits located?  How many do we have?  Where is dad and mom’s 72 hour kit?
  2. Where is each individual toilet water shut off?  Where is the main water shut off for the house?  When would we use it?
  3. What is the name of our alarm company?  What is its phone number?  What is our code for a false alarm?
  4. Where are our water storage barrels and how many do we have?
  5. Where is the main gas line shut off into our house?  How do we turn off the main gas line?  Why would we turn off the main gas line?
  6. List 5 items we have in our food storage room (from the white buckets).  Where are our extra bread making supplies located?
  7. What is the name of Dad’s work company?  What is its main phone number?
  8. Where is our wheat grinder located?  Whose bread recipe does Mom use and where can you find it?
  9. Where are the fire extinguishers located in our home?  How many do we have?
  10. Where are our fire alarms located?  How many do we have?
  11. How many emergency flashlights do we have plugged into walls?
  12. Where is our meeting place (outside our home) in case of an emergency?


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3 responses to “Scavenger Hunt!

  1. Thats quite the list– and its such a good idea to know the answers to all of these questions just in case.

  2. That is such a great idea! This sounds like a fun way to get kids (and adults) involved and but also teach them the importance of being prepared.

  3. Great idea to do this. I think it’s very important to ensure you are prepared and have a plan.

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