“Not a matter of if, but when”

There have been many sobering natural disasters as of late.  In 2004 there was the horrendous tsunami off the coast of Indonesia, killing thousands and more recently was the devastating earthquake in Haiti in January of this year.  It was unreal and extremely humbling to watch footage from these two events.  This just goes to show how unpredictable these events really are, and that we need to take action now to do all we can to be prepared.

For many years researchers have been predicting an earthquake in Utah, and the video also mentioned another predicted earthquake in California “any day now.”  Luckily, new homes are being built more earthquake proof, and even large buildings, such as this, are being renovated to prevent any major damage in the event of an earthquake.  These examples emphasize the importance of ready-ing ourselves, and our families, in case of a disaster.

For more information on how Utah leaders are preparing for the future, click here.



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3 responses to ““Not a matter of if, but when”

  1. i think your blog is great…i think it is so applicable right now

  2. I believe the preparedness is key for generation. I think there are going to be more and more natural disasters and if people do not know how to respond we will be in big trouble.

  3. This makes a good point. We never know if or when a natural disaster will come and it’s so good to be prepared, even if it never comes. “Better safe than sorry.”

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